10. Oktober 2017
Glöckelbräu, Graz

We would like the thank all the participants, creating this lovely and informative evening with us.


The Pubcamp is a barcamp-like event taking place the evening before the World Usability Congress.The event starts at 6pm with an introduction round and a vote for topics. The chosen propositions will then be discussed for about 30 minutes. Breaks in-between will give space to side-discussions and in-depth talks.

18:00 | Opening
18:15 | Introduction & Voting
19:00 | Session 1
19:30 | Break
20:00 | Session 2
20:30 | Break
21:00 | Session 3
21:30 | Break
22:00 | Session 4

The event venue Glöckl Bräu is located in the center of Graz. Its so-called Gerstenboden can host up to 35 participants, which is why we signing up early is highly recommended to secure your spot. Registration and participation are for free. Meal and drinks at your own expense.